Ashley Esqueda

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They’re giving out lollipops with scorpions in them, haha! Definitely not eating that, but cool~ #nerdnitela @scorpionCBS (at The Mint LA)

The sleepiest little dog, snuggled in tight between me and @jimicroker. She likes to stick her head & legs out so her face is cool, just like I do. #bailey

These are my new office curtains (top with the shade pulled down, bottom with the shade up). I LOVE THEM! #outerspace #galacticdesign #ascloseasicangettothestars

Who likes the design of the #iPhone6? (This is a mockup, so no, I didn’t get one early!) I’m happy with it. #CNETLive (at CNET)

Mike (@instavalis) swears demons called into QVC the other day, and sent me video proof. I can’t stop laughing at how insane and hilarious this clip is. We can’t figure out what’s happening! I think the demo tablet is possessed by evil spirits.